Setting up A Solar Panel System For Your Home

Making the switch to solar energy is a thing that everyone should do, but one of the things that holds many folks back would be that they believe it is a thing that is too expensive to get going with. Although it is true that you will need to spend some money upfront, depending on the size of the system, and if you are willing to do things yourself, you will discover that you are able to end up saving money. As you continue to read you are going to find that we will be discussing the expenses needed in order to get started making use of this sort of solar energy.


Buying a Solar Panel System

The first thing I want to mention is that you can in fact purchase complete solar panel products that will include almost everything you’re going to need to be able to get started. Although they market these things as complete solar power systems there’s one thing you are still going to have to purchase separately and those are the batteries that are required to store the electricity. If you end up building a large solar panel system you are going to need far more batteries than if you were to just create a smaller solar panel system. For people wondering how much these batteries cost, you should understand that you can pick them up at virtually any kind of auto parts store for about $100.

The Costs

If you choose to purchase the complete system, you’re going to find that it will run you anywhere between $500 and $20,000 depending on the size of the system you purchase. If you want to purchase your solar power panels separately you’ll see that you are able to purchase three or four, 100 watts each panel’s for about $1000. A solar panel system of three or four panels may have the ability of decreasing your power bill substantially, and could in fact power a tiny home or mobile home for people that conserve their electricity. Nevertheless if you have a four bedroom home and in addition have four or five folks living in your house, you may discover that you will need a larger solar panel system comprised of 10 or 20 solar energy panels.

Once you have your solar energy panels and batteries you will need a few other a items so as to make your system complete and that would be a power inverter as well as a charge controller. Something you need to be conscious of is the fact that the power inverter that you have to have will be depending upon how much electricity you will be using and the larger the inverter the more they will cost.

For those of you who shop around and look for the best deals you are going to see that a little solar panel system of three or four panels will only end up costing you $1000 to $1500. If you are one of the people that aren’t handy in any way, you’ll probably need somebody to install the system for you, and this of course is something that will be an added expense.

Easy Methods To Remove Unpleasant Pet Odors

No matter how much you care about your cat or dog, it’s never any fun to come back home from work and be hit by the smell of your pet as soon as you walk in the door. One particular resolution to this issue would be to keep your pets as outdoor pets and not allow them to enter the house. But if you’re in any way like me, you would for no reason banish your dog to a life of outdoor living. Continue reading to find out a few ways for reducing and removing pet smells from your living environment.

Litter Box Odor

When you are a cat lover, you know how dreadful it is to walk into your house and get a whiff of the litter box. A good way to really reduce litter box odor is to switch the cat litter every few days. Although you may use cat litter that’s combined with baking soda, using more baking soda may help to further reduce cat smells.

There is an easy way to take away cat and dog smells from the carpeting in your home. To start with you will want to get a large spray bottle. Now top off the container with water. Take a walk throughout the carpeted sections of your home spraying them with water. You have to avoid soaking the floor coverings with too much water. Next, you will want to evenly sprinkle baking soda all around the dampened carpet.

Water and Baking Soda

Should you possess a carpet brush, use it to help a carpet absorb the water and baking soda. If you’re not familiar with a carpet brush, this is simply a specially developed brush to use on carpets. In look and feel it is closer to a backyard rake than a normal brush. These could can be found at just about nearly any carpeting store and even most hardware stores carry these brushes.

Once your carpet is entirely dry, it is advisable to vacuum all of the area. While this is effective for standard pet smells, it will not be that effective on urine odor. To get rid of these challenging odors, you are going to need to buy a pet urine odor removal product.Also make positive whatever they try to provide you has enzymes in it. The enzymes breakdown the urine which can help to stop the smell.Most of these odor reduction tactics will give you results on the average piece of furniture. Take a short while to inspect your furniture tags so that you don’t hurt the fabric.On a final note concerning the furniture cleaning. When you’re in a budgetary position to blow big money on furniture, you may just want to replace your unwanted couch when the smell gets too bad. Or you might truly choose to hire a specialized cleaner.

Brighten Your Whole Home With Outdoor Lighting

The entire environment outside your home can be spoiled if you choose the wrong lighting, but the right lights will enhance the beauty of your house. It is important to know the best type of lights for your dwelling and garden. It’s possible to have a nice nighttime walk through your garden with beautiful lighting. You may assume that it is a dream, but the proper outdoor lighting can be found for your place.

Protection Lighting

For safety reasons, you should have proper outdoor lighting during the winter months since it gets dark sooner. The lighting effects can transform the living space outside your house, so that with the right planning you can even entertain guests. There are four types of landscape lighting to consider. Protection lighting is usually for exposed areas of your property, and should not be used for living areas. They are often activated by motion and are very bright. The next type or class is task lighting which can be used for paths and stairs as well as for areas for grilling. The lights shouldn’t be exceptionally bright and really should light up the specific area properly. Sometimes if it is too bright, it might make it harder to see.

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting is utilized to emphasize a specific aspect of a given area for effect. A light that points upward on a statue for shadow effect is a very typical example. It can be very relaxing to have lights that produce silhouetting. Moonlighting or perhaps starlight is for creating magical lighting that can imitate either moonlight or starlight. To create moonlighting you simply put exterior lights in some trees, and point them downward. Night sky is often copied when you put lights in the branches, and a few flickering candles. Nothing is like having the appearance and feel of the natural world in you very own backyard.


The key to your lights is to make sure you never overdo it. It’s better to have less compared to more when you carry out your outdoor lighting. If lighting effects are not necessary, avoid using them and it is fine to use low-wattage bulbs. Try not to have lighting fixtures aimed upwards. Many people make the error of making a runway effect with lights going straight up and down a path. Never employ yellow lights since many people dislike the look of things in yellow light. Blue-white lights are a more desirable choice or you can work with daylight-blue filters.

It’s adviseable to have the lights setup for them to be easily accessible. As soon as your lights are set up for the outside the house, you can enjoy your time outdoors after dark.